Saturday, 02 March 2024


The UDP diaspora represents an important constituent of the party. This community had played a pivotal role in the ousting of the then military dictator in the last general elections of December 2016. The UDP is looking onto the diaspora community (as the Party Leader indicates in all his speeches) to play a very important role in the forthcoming elections and in the re-shaping of the party for effectiveness. From the UDP perspective, the role of the diaspora is not confined to political activities but mainly a community that is expected to play a leading role in the economic reconstruction of our country including the  building of the run-down infrastructures.

The commitment of the Gambian diaspora to the future economic and social development of the Gambia (from the party position) is unquestionable and the party hopes to see the current level of activism and support from the diaspora continued. In his recent message to the diaspora community, the Party Leader appealed to the diaspora to start thinking of investment opportunities in the Gambia and also see how best we can scale down the brain drain that seems to have affected our institutions. Diaspora community has lots of highly educated people with wealth of experiences from all works of life - something that the country needs urgently for economic reconstruction and social regeneration. This part of the website shall feature important developments on the diaspora community that is seen to be critical to the Party’s future.

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