Friday, 14 June 2024

Foreign Policy

The interdependency of states in today’s world is so crucial that no nation can afford to stand isolated. This is even truer in relation to small countries like The Gambia to whom international relations provide greater safeguard to national security, territorial sovereignty and independence.

The UDP shall:

  • Preserve and maintain the independence and territorial sovereignty of The Gambia;
  • Protect and promote the interest of The Gambia in all bi-lateral and multi-lateral institutions and forum in line with the wishes and aspirations of the Gambian People;
  • Encourage and maintain friendship with all nations that are members of the United Nations;
  • Adhere to the one China policy and strengthen bi-lateral ties with the People’s Republic of China;
  • Work to regain Gambia’s respected lost image in the international community and strengthen bi-lateral ties with all our traditional allies and development partners including the European Union, the United States of America and all countries of the Commonwealth.

Good Neighbourliness in the Sub Region

  • We shall maintain good sisterly and fraternal relationship with all countries in the sub-region particularly Senegal with whom we have an unparalleled affinity in all aspects of our existence;
  • It shall be our policy to work with Senegal to establish a policy framework for regular consultation to strengthen our bi-lateral relationship, with special emphasis on any given difficulty that may arise in a given time.

Regional, Sub-Regional and other International Organisations

We strongly believe in sub-regional co-operation to promote peace, stability and development. The existing regional and sub-regional organisations provide valuable avenues and framework for the promotion and realisation of these objectives as well as greater economic integration in our sub-region.

We believe that:

  • ECOWAS should be strengthened and given the necessary resources to perform its mission objectives; 
  • With regards to the plethora of small sub regional organisations that, in many cases, duplicate each other’s functions, it shall be our policy to seek to reduce their number in the interest of efficiency and cost effectiveness;
  • Regarding international organisations such as IOC, AU, UN, GATT, Commonwealth, World Bank and IMF, we shall continue to play an active part to promote the interest of The Gambia.