Friday, 19 July 2024
Governance and Human Rights

Governance and Human Rights

We are strongly committed to protecting the human rights and the civil liberties of all Gambians at all times as prescribed in our constitution, and to uphold the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, and all other international human rights instruments The Gambia is a signatory to.

In this regard, we shall:

  • Ensure that the authority of the state and the powers of public officials are lawfully exercised and in a manner that is compatible with human rights;


  • Guarantee the right to fair trial, access to justice, and equality before the law;


  • Strictly adhere to the principle of non-interference in judicial processes;


  • End detention without trial, and investigate all cases of enforced disappearance and extra judicial killings perpetrated during the 22yrs of Jammeh’s dictatorship.

Political Parties

We recognise that political parties are vehicles through which citizens can express their political aspirations and will. Thus:

  • We shall support and maintain our multi-party democratic system; and


  • Any law that seeks to unreasonably or unjustifiably restrict or stifle the operations of political parties in The Gambia shall either be amended or abrogated.

The Press

The press has a responsibility to inform and educate the citizens about the affairs of the state, as well as to educate the government on the concerns and the needs of the citizenry. We will therefore encourage and support press freedom, and shall abolish all unjustified restrictions on press freedom in The Gambia.

Civic Education

We believe that an enlightened population can be a bulwark against abuse of political power and in particular, against military coup d’état. Thus, the UDP intends to support and encourage civic education through the National Council for Civic Education and via the school system, to ensure that Gambians are enlightened and conscious about their rights, duties and roles in national development. The objective is to equip our people with the right mindset that would allow them to play a proactive and meaningful role in the political and economic development of our country.

The Judiciary

We shall:

  • Have regards for the Commissions of Inquiry set up by the then AFPRC Junta. We welcome their existence and the outcomes of their proceedings will be respected. However and in the interest of natural justice, we shall provide to all who feel unjustly treated, an opportunity to lodge appeals before an independent judicial commission or a higher court of justice for a review of their cases;


  • Establish an independent judiciary and take all requisite steps to preserve and protect its independence, integrity and professionalism;


  • Establish and maintain a strong, robust and independent Judicial Service Commission;


  • Improve efficiency in case management and the dispensation of justice in our court system particularly in the lower courts.